Tuesday, January 10, 2012

L'Oreal Lively, Cheeky HiP Concentrated Shadow Duo Review and Swatches

L'Oreal Lively, Cheeky HiP Concentrated Shadow Duos

L'Oreal Lively, Cheeky HiP Concentrated Shadow Duos ($5.49 - $8.49, 0.08 oz., Drugstore) are coordinating eyeshadow duos packaged in round plastic purple compacts. Both of these shades have harder, thinner textures but rather smooth just the same.

Lively has a neutral-cool light brownish taupe with a soft satin finish on the left. The right side has a neutral shimmery darkened forest green with a frost finish. I like this duo for an effortless everyday eye with green accents.

Cheeky has a warm reddish cranberry pink with a frost finish on the left. The right side has a warm plummy purple with a frost finish. If I don't use this correctly, my eyes can appear a bit bruised! But separately, I absolutely love these shades.

I suppose for a drugstore product, L'Oreal HiP duos are nicely pigmented, but I wouldn't go as far as describing them to have "high intensity pigments." I have found L'Oreal HiP duos to have varying payoff and application success. The matte shades are rather chalky; metallic shades are pigmented and smooth; crystal shades are thinner and sheerer; and frost finish shades are about average. I would suggest only grabbing duos that you find you'll use often as these aren't of must-have quality.

L'Oreal Lively, Cheeky HiP Concentrated Shadow Duos

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    1. How about she blogs about what a LOONEY TUNES you are?? Now that sounds like a good read....straight and to the point! It's never attractive to be SELF-RIGHTEOUS! Kinda funny how your "big bad" comment was written anonymously! LOL (Joyce, sorry...I know this is an old post. I love these colors! Well written and nice pics.) ~Emily

  2. Nice colors. I have not tried HIP yet. The colors look too bright for someone my age. But sometimes I just can't resist all the pretty hues.