Sunday, November 13, 2011

Drugstore Coupon Savings: Walgreens, CVS

Walgreens Make This Season Stunning Coupon Booklet

I've seen this coupon booklet at a couple different Walgreens locations--one had it by the circular area and the other had it near the limited edition beauty displays. Walgreens has a tendency to place coupon booklets wherever they feel like, so take a good look around the store before you call it quits!

To maximize savings, I would wait for these brands to go on sale, use the coupon, and maybe find another manufacturer coupon (from displays, in Sunday papers, online). Remember, if you're in the military or a military spouse, you receive 15% off everyday!

Size comparison between holiday and monthly booklets

CVS P&G Beauty Look Sensational This Season Coupon Pamphlet

I found this little bugger lurking around a table by the beauty department. If you don't see it displayed, ask an employee if the store is hiding it somewhere!

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