Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Zoya Jules Review and Swatches

Zoya Jules

Zoya Jules ($8.00, 0.5 fl. oz., Zoya) is a complex grayed antique gold with silver and gold shimmer. It has a soft metallic finish. Part of the Spring 2011 Intimate collection, I found that the smokiness of the shade was more appropriate for colder months, which is why I love wearing it in the fall. Jules is among my all-time favorite polishes.

The brush is medium length with soft bristles. It's the kind of brush that seems to hold polish in-between bristles instead of just the flat sides. The design of the brush along with the medium-thin, flowing formula makes Jules one of my absolute favorite polishes to apply. It perfectly covers the nail in 3 coats without any streaking. If you're prone to messy applications (like myself!), you'll love the fact that Jules applies perfectly with no fuss.

Zoya polishes are among my favorites because they just wear so well on me--about an entire week with no chipping and minor fading at the tips. I feel like Zoya's polishes have consistently excellent formulas, from their shimmer to creme to glitter shades (matte is another topic!)

At this point in time, I think $8 is too much for a single bottle of polish, so I usually only purchase Zoya polishes when there is a buy one get one free or 50% off promo.

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  1. I love your ability to make 3+ paragraphs just about a nail polish. That is true beauty-blogger talent right there! I have two Zoya nail polishes and I love the formula a lot. Like you said, I really like how the nail polish is in between the bristles as well instead of just sitting on the edges. The color that you showed is very pretty! Although I agree, 8 dollars is a lot of money for a nail polish!

  2. this is one of my all time favorites polishes too. most of the time i will do just one coat if i don't have time to do my nails and it still looks great and lasts about a week even without topcoat.